Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions related to Essential Behavioral Health Services’ programs and services. If you can not find an answer below, please don’t hesitate to contact us

I am in another program, but I don’t like it, how can I enroll in your program?

It is very simple! Once you come to our office and express a desire to enroll we will take the proper steps, with your expressed consent, end your enrollment in the previous program and begin your treatment with us.

Do you communicate with my probation agent?

If you are court ordered to receive treatment, we will provide a monthly progress report to your probation agent. However, any time we discuss your treatment with a third party, you will be fully informed of the nature of the communication.

I need help finding a job; do you help with that as well?

Yes, our case managers will assist you with a variety of support services to include; identifying employment opportunities, continuing your education or vocational goals, as well as applying for entitlement benefits. Your case manger is vital to your success and will always support your successful recovery.

Do you dispense medication like Suboxone or methadone?

No, we don’t dispense medication of any kind. All of our services are based on the individual and group counseling process. However, we have community partners whom we can refer you too for medication management. We would be happy to connect you with any one of our community partners.

What is PRP?

PRP is a program designed to support you with managing the challenges of mental illness and life skills management. You will be assigned your own counselor that works specifically with you to meet your daily, short term, and long term goals. Sessions can be conducted in the comfort of your own home or our offices.

I have a family member that needs treatment but I don’t know where to begin?

Begin with our website! Review our services and feel free to call for more detailed information. If we cannot meet your needs we will assist you with finding someone who will!

How long is the substance abuse treatment program?

Length of treatment varies from client to client. Each treatment plan is designed to meet your specific needs. We will always support your progress towards sobriety no matter how long it takes you to reach your goals.

Will my treatment be kept confidential?

Yes, any services you receive from Essential Behavioral Health Services, Inc. are kept completely confidential. Your information will never be shared without your consent.

If I do not have Medicaid can I still enroll in substance abuse treatment?

Yes, if you are Medicaid eligible, we will help you apply. Unfortunately we do not accept private insurance, but feel free to inquire about our sliding scale out of pocket payment plan