ASAM Level 0.5 DWI Education Classes

DWI EducationEssential Behavioral Health Services, Inc. is certified by the Maryland Department of Health and mental Hygiene to facilitate 12 Hour Alcohol Education classes. Alcohol Education classes are designed for those who may have an issue with using alcohol which has lead to an arrest or charge of “driving under the influence” and/or” driving while intoxicated”. While we believe strongly in the dangers, punitive consequences of drinking and driving we also believe that ,through treatment and education, those who have been charged with drinking and driving will be less likely to re-offend .

Through our DWI education classes each participant will learn the dangers of their behaviors while under the influenced by alcohol, they will learn the legal ramifications of driving under the influence, as well as the importance of overall sobriety. Each class/session is two (2) hours per week for six (6) weeks and taught by a Certified Addictions Counselor.

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The cost of DWI education classes are as follows:

Initial assessment– $125.00

Class session– $40.00 per class

One-One individual session– $45.00 per 2 hour individual session

The certificate of completion will not be issued until all the required class sessions have been completed and paid for in their entirety. Participants may pay per class or session or pay for the entire cycle in one payment of three hundred and fifty dollars ($350.00) prior to beginning treatment. Upon your request notification of your completion of the course will be forwarded to the court and or the Motor Vehicle Administration.

* All costs are out of pocket, Medicaid and private insurance do not cover the cost of this course.*

* If you are court ordered , please allow yourself enough time to complete your course in its entirety. Classes will NOT be abbreviated to meet the deadline of court hearings*

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